Mr. Riccelli Wins KTAR Radio Award


Demetrio Navarro, Senior Producer

Mr. Denny Riccelli is Tolleson Union High School’s 9th and 10th grade math teacher, focusing on Algebra and Geometry. This is his 9th year teaching at Tolleson (with 19 years overall as a teacher!), and Mr. Riccelli isn’t stopping now.

Learn how the $2,500 winner of KTAR’s August “Tribute to a Teacher” is encouraging teachers to get more involved outside of the classroom.

Q: How were you nominated?

A: “My wife wrote a letter to the radio station. The letter had everything that I do for my students. She wanted to pep my spirit up.”

Q: What advise would you give to other teachers who want to be nominated?

A: “Find a spot where you are necessary. I was nominated for the extra stuff I do, not for my teaching. So do the extra things that are necessary.”

Q: What was it like being on the radio?

A: “I wasn’t on the radio directly. They taped it on Monday and put it together. Hearing it on the radio felt amazing. My friend that I hadn’t talked to in two years texted and my brother sent me a message. People I hadn’t talked to in a long time were reaching out to me.”

Q: Would you like to be nominated again?

A: “I think some other teacher should be nominated, but its always good to be nominated for the things I do.”