Yael E.


Unique Dunlap, Lead Anchor

Yael is a senior here in Tolleson Union High School. She has a great personality and charisma. Today she told us a little bit about herself  and her plans for Halloween.

Q: What is your Zodiac sign? What sign do you think is the best one?

A: “I’m a Gemini. And Geminis are the best because I’m a Gemini.”

Q: What holiday are you looking forward to?

A: “Christmas because we get to be together with our families.”

Q: What movie gets you in the Halloween spirit?

A: “Haunted House because it is a Halloween movie and I really like it.”

Q: What are your plans for this Halloween?

A: “Steal candy from little kids because my little sister told me to do it. She also told me that she will distract them while I take it from them and we are going to scare children at the end of the night.”