Ms. Rodriguez Listens to Mariah Carey All Day


Amma Damir, News Director

Ms. Rodriguez is a Biology teacher here at Tolleson Union High School. She has an awesome personality and style. Today we asked her some questions to know more about her.

Q: What was it like moving into a second floor classroom?

A: “Lots of stairs. It was really hard because we had to move everything up and the elevator wasn’t working so it was a different experience.”

Q: How often do you plan on listening to Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” song?

A: “A lot. I love that song, it’s a great song.”

Q: Are you looking more forward to Christmas or Thanksgiving?

A: “Christmas, Thanksgiving is not the best time for my family so Christmas is definitely better. But December babies have birthdays too¬† and I’m a December baby so BIRTHDAY then CHRISTMAS.”

Q: Is it hard to make students join the swim team?

A: “Yes. When the pool was removed, they kind of sent a message that swim was cancelled. With covid happening it was very difficult for us to recruit kids but we were able to have about 15 kids this season and we did well.”